Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 137 - Not a happy camper

I'm not a happy camper. I'm angry and I'm frustrated. Why? I'm freaking sick AGAIN!!!!! Soooooooo angry and frustrated!!! I had less than one healthy week after the flu and cold, and now another cold? What the heck?!?! I haven't been healthy in a solid MONTH!

Who can I blame? The germy students, certainly. Hand sanitizing 25+ times in 7 hours obviously isn't enough. Blame the weather. Blame the post 18-miles. I got a cold immediately after the marathon in 2010. Related or coincidental? Who knows? Who cares, really?

I'm angry and I'm frustrated. Hal says to run 9 miles today, but my head is all woozy and I feel like I have mush behind my forehead bone.

To make it all worse, I have stupid work tonight. Angry about that too! Sleeping and recovering are tons more important than the few dollars I'll make tonight. It's the last night, thankfully. Next week I'll "only" have 2 nights (and 5 days, of course). WORK MAKES ME SICK!!! Is a marathon a valid reason to take a personal leave of absence until Easter? It should be. I HATE BEING SICK!!!!! I try to take care of myself, I try to eat well (some days are more successful than others, but always in the 1400-1700 calorie range). I eat fruit and veggies and fiber every day. I exercise 6 days a week (cardio, strength and yoga), I sleep 8 hours a night. I have one or fewer drinks a month. I have never smoked. I take vitamin d supplements and wash my hands like a maniac. WHY AM I ALWAYS SICK???? I HATE IT!!!!!!

I'm so frustrated I made a doctor's appointment for a physical. I generally avoid seeing doctors because they tend to not fix what's wrong with me anyway, but whatever. I'm desperate enough to try it. FIX ME!!!


  1. Hope you have good medical care coverage, as the doctors are hurting in this economy as well and need new cars?