Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 142 - Calories are not the enemy

When it comes to food, I'm waiting for two inventions. First, Willy Wonka was on the right path with the gumball that had the flavor and sensations of a 3-course dinner, but without the calories. I want to be able to eat food, enjoy it, but not gain any weight.

The other thing I wish someone would invent is a magic pill that makes me feel full and gives me the strength and energy of food, but doesn't involve any time to prepare, consume or digest. A major problem I have with long runs is that I can't ingest enough calories. The 2010 marathon was particularly awful. Food like fruit, which is low in calories and high in fiber - both good things - wasn't very helpful in preparing to burn 5,000 (ish) calories.

I may have found the next best thing....the MetRX Big 100. Why do they call it 100? It has 420 calories and is clearly a MEAL-REPLACEMENT bar. It's small, easily digested and tastes comparable to a ClifBar.

I had one before my 18-miler and it wasn't terrible. I had calories to fuel my legs, but not the sensation of a full, gurgly stomach. I'm not sure they were actual pretzels, more likely just pretzel shaped chemicals, but as far as calorie bars, it wasn't terrible. Something terrible I tried on the same run was vanilla gel. It was disgusting! It was so overly sweet that I downed half a bottle of water to get it down without tasting it. Pizza or cheesecake would have provided calories even easier, but then I'd be looking for a bathroom in the middle of the run, which is never a good idea.

Something that makes me crazy about the Biggest Loser is how everyone acts like calories are evil. They're not! Calories are a source of ENERGY. When a person has no calories, he/she has no fuel and therefore no energy. Silly people!

As long as I'm posting pictures of food, here was Sunday's breakfast - whole wheat waffles with added flax seed, buried under cinnamon and fresh fruit. Bon apetite!

Today's run was GREAT! I do so much better when the weather is nice. It was 48 and sunny so I was out in shorts and knee socks. I wore my SmartWool hat, but I didn't really need it. Wore a hoodie as well and I would have been fine with just a long sleeve tech wick shirt. Best part of the race? No walking, baby! When my brain wanted a break, my legs yelled back "Quit wimping out! Suck it up and finish!" My brain listened to the wise legs :)

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  1. It is a great feeling when you rise above the urge to walk. Yay