Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 147 - Running with God

As part of my 5 (or 6) mile route, I pass a beautiful church. I don't even know what type of church it is. For some reason I have it in my head that it's an Anglican church but I really don't know. I always imagine how beautiful it would be with the large lawn covered in snow. My goal is always to hit the church before I do any walking and most days I can do so.

The first time I passed it, something popped in my head, something I hadn't thought about in years, Philippians 4:13 "I can do everything through God who gives me strength." Now every time I pass the church it runs through my head. Sometimes it sounds like a declaration "I. Can. Do. EVERYTHING. Through. God. Who. Gives. Me. STRENGTH!!!!" Other times it all runs together "IcandoeverythingthroughGodwhogivesmestrength." More often it sounds like "I *gasp* can *breathe* do.........everything.....*gasp* through God *suck air* *breathe* strength." If I keep saying it enough, I believe it.

Thursday was another awful day. It was cold and gray all day with 100% cloud cover. It was also a day in which Hal prescribed 9 miles. Actually Wednesday was supposed to be 9 and Thursday 5, but I had to make the switch due to Wednesday night work. After I finished my Thursday day job I should have run right away, but instead I laid on the couch and did a whole lot of procrastinating for HOURS. I had pretty much accepted I wasn't going to run at all.

Then, sitting at my computer, I saw the reflection in the monitor of my neighbor's house. I thought I saw....sun? really??? I ran to the front door and looked out. Yes! Sun!!! It was like God was knocking on my front door asking "What do I have to do to get you running? I gave you strong legs, I gave you a strong heart that can beat effortlessly for hours of running, I gave you clear lungs (for this week at least). I gave you a non-winter!!! What more do you want, girl? Sunshine? Now go run!!!"

So I did and it was great :)

Saturday wasn't so great. It was cold-ish so I dressed for the cold. I must live in a wind tunnel though because it was super cold and windy on my porch, but it wasn't really that cold and I was overdressed. I ran a 6.07 mile lap then stopped home for a bathroom break and to refill my water bottles. I ditched my wool hat and gloves and traded the undershirt and hoodie for a long sleeve tech wick. It felt so good to have a bare head!!!! Yet at 12.14 miles I made another pit stop and realized I would finish near sundown and I was sweating so I would get chilled, so I changed my shirt AGAIN! What a pain!

The actual run was ok. The first lap was great! 6.07 miles in 1:02:44. Second lap was ok, 6.07 in 1:09:32. Third lap was rough, 6.07 in 1:15:23. The last 1.3 miles I felt strangely energized but it was probably deliriousness more than anything. When it was all said and done, I went 0.21 miles further than my last 18-miler and i was still 6 minutes faster. That's all fine and good, but I was still going too slow for my spring race pace. I'm counting on two big things for that day - good weather, and not being alone!

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