Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 149 - In like a lamb

So many days at work I see the warm-ish temperature and midday sun and desperately want to leave so I can run right then before the weather changes. The students obviously can't rearrange their schedules so I can work late, so it's always just been a pipe dream and I spend the afternoon knowing the nice weather will be long gone by the time I can fit in a run.

Today was so different. I worked until 4:30 and didn't start running until 5:18 when it was still SUNNY!!! I *heart* daylight savings time!!! It was full sun for the entire time I ran, and the temperature stayed in the low 60s. Wonderful wonderful running weather!!!! Somehow it doesn't seem very note-worthy to say I wore shorts in March :) I had bare legs though! Whee!

Chuck Gaidica (local news weatherman) looked into his magic 8 ball and claims 75 for next week, which would be good as well, but if it stays low 60s and sunny until April 14 I'll be a mighty happy camper.

Hal said to do 5 miles today. No problem! I was running FAST at the end (ok, fast for me!) which tells me....I'm darn lazy! If I can push myself really hard at the end of a 5-miler, I should be going faster throughout the entire run. I did the exact same route as last Tuesday when I finished in 48:49. I was happy enough with that. Today, however, 46:29. Yeah baby! The average time per mile was 9:17, my third fastest since I started with the Daily Mile and the two fastest don't hardly count because they were each 2 miles. Who can't run fast for two miles? :D

It was wonderful to see other people outside, walking their dogs, riding bikes. I even passed 2 other runners. Happy running!!!!

Update: I reworked the math for my Martian goal and my Saturday time WAS on target pace. To hit 5 hours I'll have to average 11:27s, so 11:24s were on pace, by the skin of my teeth.

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