Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 157 - Yup, I'm actually complaining about the hot weather

When it comes to my regular life, this summer-in-March has been GREAT!! The sunshine is awesome, wearing short sleeves is wonderful after long sweaters all winter, I've been driving my convertible, everything is super great and I hope every March is like this!

That's my normal self at least.

My running self isn't so happy. What happened to acclimating to warm weather? What happened to temperatures in the 50s? The 60s? It got way too hot, way too fast! Luckily I read that acclimating to cold weather takes three weeks, but only one for warm weather. I guess I'm acclimated.

It doesn't help one iota that I've been in the habit since September of running after work, which is usually 3 or 4 pm when the temperature is at its highest of the day. This morning I was driving between schools at 9:45 and I saw two people out jogging. I was so jealous! It was sunny, but still cool and I wished so badly I was running!!! Nevermind that on days I don't work, I don't leave the house before noon....

I worked then dragged myself outside in the heat of the day and it was ok. Thankfully there was a good strong breeze. Also thankfully it was only a 5-miler. I did the exact same route as yesterday and I felt better today, yet it was a minute slower? I'm trying to not dwell on that, because really, what's one minute when doing a 47 or 48 minute workout?

One of my students said it's supposed to go back into the 50s. Fine with me!!!! (Did I actually just say that???)

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