Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 161 - 20 felt better than 18

The first time I ran 18 it took 3:33 and every single inch of my body ached.

The second time took 3:27 and I was in pain. I assumed my 20 mile train would be more like the first attempt at 18, that my body would want to give up the fight and just stop.

It was a great surprise then to push myself through it and finish all 20 in 3:41:39. My target time was 3:48 to hit my spring marathon pace. Yes, I had done the math down to the second while I was running :) Going into the last mile I thought perhaps I could hit 3:46 or 3:47. My time was a great surprise! Per mile, my pace was better doing 20 than either of the attempts at 18.

The actual run was ok. Actually it was awful, but I've felt worse during shorter runs. I had planned to run 4 laps of 5 miles each. On the third lap, I thought there is no way I could do this same route again, so I changed the 5 to a 6 then improvised at the end.

My times were:
Miles 1-5 ---- 49:02 with no walking!!!
Miles 6-10 --- 55:14
Miles 11-16 -- 1:10:10
Mile 17 ------ 13:24
Mile 18 ------ 13:11
Mile 19 ------ 10:49
Mile 20 ------ 9:46

Around miles 14-15, my body detached from my mind. My legs kept going and my brain was completely detached from the pain and misery of it all. Miles 18 and 19 I kept hitting patches of inertia where it definitely hurt, but I was able to just keep going, knowing it would have been harder to stop and restart than to just keep going.

The weather was pretty decent. It was awful for the summer-in-March, but pretty good for running. It was in the low to mid 60s and cloudy. Rain had been in the forecast all week for Saturday but it never came. It was actually nice to have cloudy weather and not be super concerned about the sun.

After the run my clothing was so sweat soaked and the thought of touching it repulsed me so I hopped in the shower fully dressed. It's always easier to touch water soaked clothing than sweat soaked stuff.

My friend came over and we played Nintendo, ate dinner and watched a movie. Without her, I probably would have been in bed before 7 :)

My hips are a little sore, but otherwise I feel none too terrible for the abuse I did my body 20 hours ago.

This post is really disjointed, just like how I feel post 20-miles.

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