Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 166 - Out like a lion

What happened to summer-in-March? This week has been terrible! Today especially has been freezing cold and pouring rain all day long. Yuck! Good thing I don't run on Fridays.

Last week was my highest training week of 40 miles and now for three weeks I'm tapering, the gradual reduction in mileage that allows my body time to heal and get ready for the race. The lesser miles are nice, but I'd like to run the race tomorrow and be done with it! It feels like I'll lose my capabilities with taking it easy so much. My biggest complaint is the callus on my right foot, but I could run 26.2 through that.

This week was so-so on the mileage. Hal recommended 5-4-8-12 and I didn't even hit that. Thursday was supposed to be 8 miles and at 6:10 pm I was already regretting not running. There was still time so I forced myself outside. It was in the low 40s and I had to find my tights, definitely not something I wanted to look for until October or later. Most days if I can get dressed, my mind gets in the game, but Thursday's run never had the mental component. I finally told myself if I could finish the 6.07 lap in under an hour, I could quit. If I went too slow, however, I had to finish the prescribed 8. I finished in 58:58.

I'm equally unexcited about running 12 tomorrow. I know I'll have the cavalier attitude of it's an easy run. It's only 12. Obviously I'm forgetting that until a few months ago, 12 miles was an extremely long distance and it took me months to gear up for it. 12 isn't as difficult as 18 or 20, but it's still a solid 2-hour run.

Come back summer-in-March. This is awful!


  1. You're nuts. 12 miles is a very long run.

  2. no, 12 is EASY hahahahaha (or so I tell myself)