Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 168 - Instant saddlebags, just add water!

I'm terrible about hydrating when I run. I know it's important. I know my muscles need water to function, but it's a great big pain in the neck to have water available. At the Y it's less of a pain because I can leave a bottle on the handrail of the track to pick up as needed. When I'm outside, however, completely different story. For the first several months of training, I didn't even think about water. I would drink when I got home. You can guess how well that went.

Then one day my brother called me from TJ Maxx to say he found some water bottles he was going to buy me and give me the receipt so they could go back if/when I didn't like them. They're actually ok. Not great, but tolerable.

Option 1 is handheld.

It's a 12-ounce bottle with a handle to fit over my knuckles. The bottle itself is formed to indent where my fingers do and the handle has a pocket for keys or whatever. I don't like having weight in my hand, and it tends to make my hand sweat, so I wind up changing hands a lot. It's ok, not great.

Option 2 is a waist belt.

This option isn't great either. The two bottles each hold 10 ounces, which isn't nearly enough for a long run. Two good things are the sturdy waistband which holds my can of mace, and the pocket in back for a protein bar or change I find or whatever.

I have two major problems with this design. First, it's heavy! I don't want to lug around over a pound of water in addition to the weight of the belt! The other gripe is that it was designed for a hip-less man. If I wear it on my hips and try to carry the weight lower, it will scoot up to my waist and bang against me the whole time. The only way it "fits" is to wear it snug at the smallest part of my waist, immediately under my ribcage. It's equally bulky there.

I know I need water, but with two lousy options, I'm still looking. Anyone have good suggestions? or better products?

Lest we forget the importance of water, even on a daily basis, here is a nice medical reminder.

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  1. Michelle - for the past several years I've been using a camel back for running in hot weather/long runs. My husband and I use regular camel backs for biking (which is worn like a back pack). The runner's camel back fits around your waist and has a long tube, with an on/off nozzle at the end. It's not perfect but works for me. If you get one, get a good one, not a cheap knock off version. My first one was cheap, and did not work well at all.