Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 175 - The last long run

Happy Easter!!!!!

Saturday was my last "long" run. I love that I don't regard 8 as a long run anymore. It's become long-ish, Hal's idea for a mid-distance run that doesn't focus on either speed or building distance, just stamina and logging miles. It took me hours and hours to go from waking up to actually running, but that's ok. I ate, I relaxed, then finally set out.

It was 53 degrees and sunny. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I plotted out an 8-mile loop and I really liked it. It started the same as the 5, then doubled back. It seems anything is better than doing multiple laps on "shorter" runs. My first mile was 8:55, second was 8:36, last was 9:23, all pretty good.

It's always my goal to keep miles under 10 minutes and I would have had to finish in 1:20:00 to do so. I was still a bit away when I looked at my iPod stopwatch and realized I was at 1:17:50 and would never make it. I did the best I could and finished in 1:20:06. Then......I realized it wasn't 8.0 miles, it was 8.1 miles so I actually was under 10 averages. My final average was 9:53. Sweet!

I also discovered why my purple knee socks kept falling down - they're too big :( The split between medium and large was size 9.5. I wear a 10, so I got the bigger size. They fit great when walking, but kept sagging down during runs. I had a 20% off coupon and my REI dividend so I picked up another pair a few weeks ago - brown and red flowers, but size medium. I tried the brown pair yesterday and they felt small in the foot and were snug on my calves, but they stretched to fit and stayed in place the entire run! 8.1 miles and an hour 20 later, I never once had to pull them back in place. I still prefer the purple ones though, so I did the first no-no of washing wool: I tossed them in the dryer. They're still there so I don't know if the shrinking worked or not. I'll find out tomorrow!

I just looked at Saturday's forecast - windy with rain in the morning. They're wrong about everything else, so I'm counting on this being a big lie as well!


  1. Just checked out the forecast myself and hoping they messed up too, all the best on the day

  2. This morning the forecast for Saturday was morning thunderstorms. Now it's warm and windy, partly sunny. Why don't they tell the truth: we're not sure, but it's spring in Michigan, so likely to start cool and warm up as the day goes. Rain possible, but not a huge concern. Some sun possible, but clouds are likely.