Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 179 - end of training, crappy weather and Catholic saints

This week has been interesting. Tuesday I woke up early and ran my 3 miles before I did anything else. For Wednesday Hal said to run 4, which was easy enough but I had to run a bunch of boring errands, starting with a new license at the dreaded Secretary of State. My friend gave the kind of advice I normally would. "don't touch ANYTHING." The waiting room was FULL of sick people sneezing and coughing, but I've had an entire carton of Simply Orange juice with mango since Tuesday and so far I'm still ok. I digress. I should have run as soon as I got home, but the Tigers had a day game and I cuddled with my cat and slept for most of the game.

I had pretty much decided to move the 4 miles to Thursday and skip Thursday's scheduled 2 miles. I was craving angel hair pasta, but all I had was some whole wheat rotini from Farmer Jack, which means its at least 6 years old...I ate it anyway...was still eating it when I saw SUN!!!!! My runs are 8000 times better when it's sunny so I gulped down the noodles, hopped in my clothing and was off. I did my 4 miles and it was AWESOME! 36:05 baby! My previous best time was 37:37.

Today's 2 miler was easy, as to be expected. 17:50 later, my training program was done and now I just wait. I wish I could run the race tomorrow when the forecast is in the 50s and sunny. But nooooooo. Saturday's forecast is 60s and CLOUDY, 98% cloud cover. I run TERRIBLY when it's cloudy. I've been moaning and complaining about the forecast all week.

My friend is Catholic and has asked saints to intervene for me before. I was offered a job the day after she asked Saint Anthony to intervene. I found a missing book the day after she asked him again. In the Methodist church, we don't really follow saints. I certainly can't name any of them without her help. Yet with the lousy forecast, I asked her who are the patron saints of weather. Luckily there are several, both saints FOR good weather and saints to OPPOSE bad weather. She is asking all of them to do what they do best to help me. St. Clare of Assisi, St. Eurosia and St. Medard are looking out for us runners. She said "They will be new friends but any friend of Jesus is a friend of mine :) They will help pray for you." She also promised to set out her rosary on Saturday, that it will help as well. We don't have or say rosaries in my church either, but Grandma always said nothing bad ever came of going to church. I can paraphrase that to mean nothing bad can come of extra prayers!

Now I just wait and hope the saints intercede for me. If the forecast was sunny, I would feel confident, ready to run, and sure to destroy the 5-hour mark. With the promise of 98% cloud cover, I feel agitated and like I trained for 6 months to epically FAIL on race day. I don't want to become a Demotivational!!!!!!!

lol blonde jokes are hilarious :D

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