Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's Saturday and I'm not sure what to do with myself

For a few crazy moments I considered looking for a marathon this weekend. I actually had the thought "Anyone can run 2 marathons in 9 days, but it would really be something to do 3 in 15 days." It was just a passing idea, decided by my bank account more than anything, so this Saturday became the first since October that hasn't revolved around running. No race to run or prepare for, no long run hanging over my head. For the first time in six months I had to do, well, nothing, and it was definitely a weird change.

Friday was sunny and I was chomping at the bit to run, yet Friday is yoga day, never a running day. Saturday was really cold and 100% cloud cover, which didn't inspire any physical activity. I'm back with The Daily Plate though, so I wound up going for a walk. 

Here's what Hal says about the zero weekend:

Friday: Now is the time to cross-train. Swim or bike if that is your pleasure, but it’s probably not a good idea to start some new exercise you haven’t been doing the previous 18 weeks. The best cross-training discipline for a recovering marathoner is simple walking. Don’t underestimate the value of this activity. Go at most 2-3 miles. [emphasis added]

Saturday: By now, most of the muscle soreness should be gone. You’re probably ready to resume your regular training routine, but don’t rush things. Stick with the 2- to 3-mile routine today. Or maybe take today off entirely.

I liked his advice so I followed it. It started raining during my walk, but I was already in sweat pants, a hoodie and baseball hat. It was cold so the hood was covering my ears and I barely noticed the rain.

This lack of structure / lack of goal isn't really working for me lol I need a goal and strict program to follow with my exercise. Otherwise I don't exercise at all. I was planning to follow Hal's intermediate training program starting June 27, but I need something concrete to tide me over until then! Ideas? 

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