Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A scary thought :D

During the race I had inner dialogue of how awful it was to run a marathon, that I should have known better after finishing one and finding out just how terrible it is. I fantasized about being at the Free Press and at mile 12.8 being able to turn right and finish with the half marathoners. I would have no problem being in the "marathon dnf" category (marathon did not finish).

The race photos aren't posted yet, but there is a 4-minute video clip on YouTube. It looks fun! The runners look like they're having a great time and I want to be part of that again!!! oh how my mind forgets how truly terrible the race was. I still want another chance though!!!!

Sunday evening my feet and hips were still a little sore, yet after watching the video, I texted my friend "uh oh I just had a terrible thought. I want to do more full marathons. I don't want to wimp out & settle for halfs." I even went so far as to look online for one this upcoming Saturday. I feel like I have to do all my life long full marathons in the very near future, while I'm still able to do them! I don't want to wait for October 21. I want to run them straight away!

My quads were a little sore on Monday. Everything was back to normal on Tuesday and I was itching to go for a run!!! Wednesday was more of the same. It's in the low 60s and sunny and my legs are screaming to go outside and run! Going into the marathon, I thought perhaps my first run post-race would be on Thursday (my birthday). I thought I would have to gently coax my aching legs in to it, but at this rate, it'll be fun and .... easy???? Yes, easy!!!!!

Two of my favorite kids like my socks as much as I do :)

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