Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What I did Right

Despite my time, I actually did a lot correct with this marathon.

Here are some things I did right:

- Followed a training program through to the end. Switched to a better program when the original wasn't working. Not only did it make the actual run easier, it really helped with the healing process. It's 55 hours after the race ended and I've felt ready to run all day.
- Didn't get hurt!!!
- Ate very light on Friday so I wouldn't have any stomach issues during the race.
- Forewent coffee on race day for the same reason.
- Drank from every fluid station I passed, regardless of whether or not I was thirsty. I passed by a lot during the Free Press and I got so dehydrated my fingers swelled up like fat little sausages (this little piggy went to market...). There was no excessive swelling this time!
- Dressed in layers and lost and added clothing as needed.
- Took tissues and kept them in my pocket for the whole race. (What is it about running that makes my nose run??)
- Didn't stop to chat with a race official because I was too tired to keep going :)

Can I do better next time? Absolutely. I made some good improvements this time, but there is still plenty more I can do!

This girl is way too happy for someone who just ran 26.2 miles!!!

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