Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zero week, zero miles

Hal said absolutely no running Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Actually he said no exercise of any kind, but I biked 2 very slow miles on Monday because I knew gently moving my joints would heal them faster than laying on the couch. He said I could run two miles today if I wanted to. Last week I was jumping at the chance to run 2 miles. Today was cold and gray and I just didn't feel like it, so I passed, thankyouverymuch :)

He has a zero week plan, which basically comes down to: do what feels comfortable. Listen to your body. So I am. A tiny part of me thinks it would be fun to do ANOTHER marathon this weekend, but it's a pretty expensive hobby and my feet got pretty beat up in Toledo.

Despite the 6 pairs of brand new shoes in boxes in my basement, I didn't have a good pair to wear for the race. I had my old falling apart ones or a new pair I started wearing 2 weeks ago, but which had exactly 5 miles on them. I went for comfort in the old shoes and they felt great, but 2 recurring blister spots came back (as was to be expected). I'll give my tired old dogs another day or so to heal.

My next official race is the Free Press, but at this rate, I might do a few more before then. My brother said I should do 6 marathons in one season. 6 races over 7 months? No sweat! :) Not in the budget this year, even though it would be fun. Maybe next year :)

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  1. If you volunteer to work Running Fit races they give you vouchers for $30 or for free race entries... it's a great way to race for less $$$.