Thursday, May 17, 2012

5, 3, 0, 2

Work was later than normal on Wednesday and I had tons of stuff to do in the evening, none of it fun. It would have been so easy to ditch the running and one day off wouldn't kill me, but one day often becomes two, which becomes a week and I feel like a total slacker. I'm either improving or getting worse. There is no staying the same in training, so all day I kept telling myself I was going to run my 5. It had to be a priority.

All throughout work, however, I was absolutely dragging. It was sunny but I couldn't stop yawning and craving a nap. I should have run immediately after work, but I watched Dr. Phil and just had no energy.

I forced myself to change into my running gear. Generally getting dressed is the hardest part and once I manage that, the run happens. All day I had been planning 5 miles, but as I was setting out, I decided 3 was better than nothing. I would still work my heart and my lungs.

1:18 in to my run, however, I paused my iPod stop watch and said to heck with it, I'm too tired and allergies were interfering with my head. I turned around to walk home, but three houses later, realized I was already regretting not running and I would feel bad about it all night, so I forced myself to turn back around and run. Two miles was good enough for the night.

Running generally gives me energy, but Wednesday's run did nothing for me. It got done. The mental component was by far the hardest part, as is normally the case.

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