Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Call me Hop-a-long Bemis

Still not my foot in the picture!!! My foot isn't nearly as puffy (or fat, or hairy!), but the bruise is pretty much in that exact spot and about that size.

I babied it all day Sunday. Monday I wore an Ace bandage all day, and wore Keds tennies to work.

I thought I felt better, so I ditched the bandage Tuesday, but still wore flats. At the end of the day, it's sore again and seems to be getting puffier. So the Ace bandage is back.

I don't like this! I want to run! It's one thing to not run because I don't have time or energy or desire to do so. It's something else altogether when I have time, energy, desire AND the weather is perfect for running, but something as stupid as a mis-step has me sidelined.

I'm bumming :(

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  1. Gross!!! I have taken that picture of MY foot, looking like that.