Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Goofy Plan

I'm not a huge Disney fan. I mean, I like Ariel and Belle, Eeyore is too cute, and I can watch Aladdin every time it's on tv. Yet I can take or leave Mickey Mouse, Tigger makes me cringe and I don't get the big deal about Pixar (not to mention I was BORED the only time I went to Disney World). Yet people keep telling me how great the Disney marathon is. I finally Googled it, just to see.

I found a lot that I like. It's a HUGE event. Last year 15,000 ish people finished the full marathon. That many people means lots of spectators, lots of entertainment, and no long stretches of alone-ness. Yet I can't really see traveling all the way to Florida for a race, when I can do several marathons practically in my backyard.

Then I saw an interesting link for Goofy's Race and a Half, a very appropriate name. It's not named after any other character because one has to be seriously goofy to even consider it. Entrants run the half marathon on Saturday (at 5am!!!!) then do the full marathon on Sunday. It's just crazy enough that I want to do it! I spent 6 months of serious training and 30-some years of half-@ss training to reach this point. I feel in shape and I know I could finish both races! It's an awesome goal and challenge, now that I've proven I can finish marathons at will :)

Training would be easy enough as well. I'll follow one of Hal's programs with two changes: switch my long run from Saturday to Sunday, and do half distances on Saturday. If he says run 14, I'll do that on Sunday and 7 on Saturday. As long as I do the half distance training from the start, my body will adapt.

The worst aspect is that I'm crazy and determined enough to do it in January 2013, I'm physically able to do so, but it's seriously expensive! The race itself is $320. Add in a flight and hotel for a few days and it's easily $1,000. What a drag! What an absolute bummer to see this huge challenge and say "I can do that!" then realize no, I have to postpone it just because of the finances. (Yes, I could charge everything, but it'll be expensive enough without paying interest charges. Definitely not an emergency, so it has to stay off the credit card :((((((

My car will be paid off in the summer of 2013, so theoretically I can run it in January 2014, or 2015 at the absolute latest. Such a long wait :(
One day this will be mine!!!!!
Even though I'll surely look and feel like this at the end lol

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