Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I feel better?

I love shoes. I don't know how many pairs I have, but I'd guess somewhere between 200 and 300. I have every style and every color. I have different pairs of the same type of shoe (4 black dressy sandals, 2 different black knee high boot, etc.), I have the exact same shoes in different colors. Shoes shoes shoes, I can't get enough! The only problem....I don't like WEARING shoes!

Everyone dresses like this for work, right???
As soon as I get home from work, even before I take off my jacket or set down my purse, I take off my shoes right in the doorway. My feet don't like the hot, confined feeling of shoes. I'd wear house slippers to work if I could.

It was back to work day and I had to give an all-day presentation to a group of 17 teachers. I wore a really nice dress and... my Mizunos? My boss laughed at me but understood completely what I was wearing and why.

I was on my feet most of the day, but my ankle feels pretty ok. Not great, but the stability is helping, the cushioning underfoot is helping. I almost feel ready to run!

My yoga studio has a new class tonight called yoga for runners. They go on an optional run then do yoga afterward. It might behoove me to run in a group the first time in case I get hurt again. That way, someone would be able to help me back, or send help. Tempting...

Oh yeah, I didn't buy all the shoes recently. I've worn the same size since 6th grade and I still regularly wear shoes I had in high school. Aside from Mizunos, I haven't really bought shoes since my favorite shoe store closed 3 or 4 years ago.


  1. Can you post some pictures of your shoes? I'll pay for the shipping if you send me some that you don't wear anymore! What size ae you?

  2. I wear them all!!! Except the old running shoes and the uncomfortable ones. Running shoes are size 11, others are 10. Is this a loophole to get new clothing without buying it? great plan :D