Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I need a new goal

I'm goal oriented. Whether it's school, a job or running, I work best when I have an end goal in sight and very clear steps to accomplish it. Having a clear goal for the Martian gave my exercise direction and purpose for 6 months. It was great. At any time from October to April, I could look at my calendar, see what I had done, what I had to do next and where it was all going.

The race is over and I'm left with a big feeling of "now what....?" I'm following Hal's 4 week reverse-tapering program. It's designed to get me back running without doing too much too soon after the race. It's good. It's fine, just not very exciting.

My next big race isn't for 6 months! What am I supposed to do between now and then? It's hard to get excited about something so far away when I'm in shape NOW. I don't want to lose my heart and lung capacities.

There is a full marathon in Ann Arbor in June. I haven't really considered it because I know how hilly A2 can be and I don't like hills lol Maybe I'll do it though, just to break up the time until the Free Press.

I need someone to design my summer and my training from now through October 21. Any takers??? :)


  1. There's a 5K/1/2 marathon/full marathon this Sunday in Kalamazoo - Run for the Health of It, sponsored by Borgess Hospital. I am running only the 5K because of foot problems, but this would definitely be a challenge. Don't think there's a flat spot in all of K-zoo!

  2. tempting......except for the hill parts. Marathons are hard enough without the hills!!! Thanks for the heads-up :)