Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm doing everything right

Six days later, my ankle still doesn't feel right. On Saturday night I had told my friend I had every intention of running on Tuesday, but I would see the doctor on Friday if it wasn't better.

With race deadlines looming, I don't have the time luxury to repeat the "wait six weeks for it to heal itself" idea so I called my doctor at lunch. She's on vacation until Wednesday and if something IS wrong, I don't want to wait that long to start treating it. Her receptionist said to go to the urgent care clinic in the same building, that it's the same price as the office visit co-pay.

I went. 4 clear x-rays later, it's exactly what I thought it was - a sprain. I'm doing everything right and should continue icing and wearing flat sturdy shoes (tennis shoes will look GREAT with my suit when I give a presentation on Tuesday :D

Then came the important questions: Can I run? (not until it stops hurting, then start small and be gentle) Can I bike? (yes) Can I elliptical? (yes) Can I do yoga? (absolutely!) I went straight to yoga and class had already started, so the door was locked. No one heard me knocking or calling. Bummer, especially tonight. Classes over holiday weekends tend to be really small and I likely would have had only 1 or 2 other people in class with me.

It feels like a total waste of $25, yet I bought peace of mind and reassurance. I could do so much worse with those dollars.

Now I wait. That's never been a strong point of mine...

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