Sunday, May 20, 2012


Ever since October, Friday has been yoga day and Saturday has been long-run day. Stopping to run in Milford this Friday changed everything and on Saturday I didn't know what to do. It didn't seem right that an entire Saturday would go by without any running. All day long I had in the back of my mind the idea of going to the track and doing some speed work after the Tigers game.

The game ended, it was light and 83 degrees and it just seemed like a good idea to run consecutive 5 mile days. (Anything is better than speed work!) I was already wearing my Toledo marathon tech wick shirt so I laced up the shoes and was off. It was in the 80s and pretty humid, but it felt great! I was cruising along at a 9:15 pace over 3+ miles, marveling at how good it felt! How freeing it was that my legs knew what to do, so I could focus my thoughts and energy on my arms, specifically keeping them lower and straight back and forth.

At mile 3.6 there is a stop light to cross the street. I felt so great I wasn't walking into the light, but running until the last minute, until the last few feet of sidewalk. I went around a curve that I've passed hundreds of times. In a split second I mis-stepped and while my left foot stayed on the sidewalk where it belonged, the right one dipped into the dirt / grass, an inch lower than the cement.

Aaaaahhhhh!!!!! My foot rolled on its side with all the weight of my body impacting the twist. Instant pain!!!!! I waited out two lights, trying to force any weight onto my ankle, finally hobbled across the street and felt surprisingly good. I was still 1.4 miles from home, but my ankle felt fine so I jogged on home. The last mile time was significantly worse than the others, but whatever.

Showered and iced it, just as a precaution. It wasn't swollen and only hurt when I poked at it. Two hours later, however, the swelling and pain started. I spent the rest of the night RICEing and will do so again today, as it's most effective the first 24 hours.

R - rest
I - ice
C - compression
E - elevation

My immediate thought was how it's going to affect my training. The formal training period hasn't started yet, but any time exercise gets derailed, I worry about a race that's 5 months away!!!!

Sunday is cross-training / recovery day. I've been ellipticalling the past several weeks. Swimming is the only good option today, but I haven't swum since the Motor City Triathlon and I have no intention of lap swimming again, at least not in the near future. Monday is always a day off from any exercise, so I have a break built in to my schedule. I'll just have to be even more diligent about what I eat because I won't be burning any calories today.

What a bummer! Unhappy :(

btw, not my foot in the pic! Finding an online pic was faster than taking and posting a real picture.

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