Friday, May 11, 2012

Running like the wind

If I want to hit a 4:33 Free Press finish time, I know I need to work on speed. I got close to my spring time just doing what was comfortable, but it's time to step out of my comfort zone, otherwise I'll shave off a few minutes, but nowhere near the 35 minutes I want to lose.

As long as Hal has me at shorter distances, it's time to start speed work and make it a regular part of my running for the next six months.

I tried on Wednesday, got to the track and the first 200 meter were great. Then it started POURING! I think there was even a little hail. What's with me and the hail?! I had night school, so I gave up. Naturally by the time I was home and changed for work, it was sunny. It was also too late to change again and run.

Thursday I tried again. I had actually been looking forward to starting speed work. Why, exactly did I ever think that? It was awful! My goal was 4 x 400m under 2:00 each, with breaks in between. Yeah, I did it. My total finish time should have been 8:00 and I managed 7:35. That was good. What wasn't so good was my burning throat! I'm a mouth breather when I run and I was gasping for air, sucking it in quickly and violently so my throat got really dry really quickly.

The actual running wasn't that terrible. I got winded a lot more than I do during comfortable runs. There was no way I could have sung along, but that's ok. I have to push outside my comfort zone to improve, yet I'd rather run five 9:25s than one 7:35....

I'll have to work on this again next week. I want to hit 8 x 400m. Once I manage that, start dropping my target time from 2:00 per lap to 1:55 to 1:50 to wherever my legs take me. I need to find someone to come with me and yell out the time because I'm going too fast to check my iPod stopwatch mid-lap.

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