Saturday, May 19, 2012

Running with child

I was in Lansing for work on Friday and had planned to stop at Kensington on the way home. Instead I stopped to see my niece and nephew and wound up taking my brother along for a run. He would only come with if we did his 5-mile route and if we took one of his kids, to give his wife a break. I agreed to both accounts. Big mistake!

The miles were hillier than I'm used to, or what I've trained for, but I could have dealt with that. The miserable part was the stroller! It was a jogging stroller with a leash tied to my wrist. The idea was that I would lightly tap the handles and she would roll forward, but not too far. So much easier said than done!

The steering was super difficult and she kept veering off to the side. She did numerous baby wheelies and it destroyed any idea of a stride. It wasn't rolling nicely or in a straight line, so I couldn't tap the handles. No, I had to hang on to the handles with both hands. So my arms were completely out of whack. My legs followed and it was more of a shuffle than a run.

Little munchkin didn't seem to mind it at all, but I never want to run with a stroller again! I would have rather carried her in a backpack!

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  1. Oh come on. It wasn't that bad. We'll run with it again.