Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are Caltene bars real?

One of my favorite movies is Mean Girls. I've seen it countless times and I still can't say why it's so funny, but it is in a dark, shallow mockery of high school sort of way. One of the plot lines has Cady trying to ruin Regina's life. One way she does this is by offering her "Caltene" bars, which Cady claims are a weight loss bar that isn't legal in the U.S. yet. We later learn they are "weird Swedish nutrition bars her mom used to give the kids in Africa to help them gain weight."

The real question - are Caltene bars real? Where do I buy them? I'm still struggling to ingest enough calories before my long runs. The MetRX bars are good for 420 calories, but I need about double that, more as my Saturday runs get longer. Eating two MetRX bars would make me throw up though because I can only handle so many chemicals early in the morning. I need something small, easily digested and chock full of calories.


  1. Clif Builder's Bar are very tasty, especially the chocolate mint. Lots of protein and calories.