Sunday, June 3, 2012

Done! "Dated" a Storm Trooper

Some things aren't on the bucket list because they are just so bizarre as to never cross my mind until they happen.

Saturday was Star Wars night at the Detroit Tigers game, a night when geeks and movie buffs join together with the 501st Legion, a group of super dedicated fans who organized as an international charity (with numerous local chapters) and make public appearances in costume. There are criteria for the costumes and I read that some people spend upwards of $10,000 building their costumes.

 I've been to Star Wars night twice - Cincinnati in 2009 and Detroit in 2011. When the promotions schedule was announced and Star Wars night was part of it, I really wanted to go. My brother looked at tickets for my birthday but any price we would be willing to pay was long gone in April.

Wait a few months. Wait for a rainy Saturday forecast and a sub .500 team and there were a plethora of tickets to be had last minute. Add in a friend who crawled out of the woodwork and asked if I wanted to go. Heck yeah!

Vader throws out the first pitch!
Before the game, there were lots of characters strolling around and a full size Tauntaun posed on the concourse. I stopped to chat with my usher friend in the Tigers den and three minutes later, my friend said we were sitting in the StubHub seats - two leather lazy boy chairs with a tv right by our feet.

The upgrade didn't cost anything, but it wasn't free either. The price was being filmed as the "fans of the game" which would be shown on the scoreboard in the 3rd inning. Oh the embarrassment! He took a video of our video and I'm waiting for him to send it. I'll post as soon as I have it :)

In the 5th inning I realized we had prime people-watching seats, so during every half inning break, I turned backward in my chair and watched the concourse.

I saw one of the rebel pilots walk by. It was like a light flashed in my head. WE NEED TO GET VADER OR A STORM TROOPER OR A ROYAL GUARD IN THIS BOX WITH US!!!! I mentioned it to my friend, he was off like a shot and not five minutes later, returned with...dun dun dun... a Storm Trooper!!!!

He was my date for the night! We held hands, we smooched, we relaxed and watched the game together. Does life get any better than that????

He was a great sport about it! They talk but I don't know who he was. Thank you generic Storm Trooper. Thank you Mike (his handler) for making it happen. Something funny was that he couldn't sit in the costume because it didn't bend at the waist. His handler held on to him, helped him lean back, then dropped him into the lazy boy.

Kickin' back, chillin' with my boy!

Storm Trooper sat down in the top of the 6th inning and said he was just going to stay until his next commitment, which was dancing on top of the dugout in the middle of the 7th. Someone timed it wrong though because all the characters arrived too late! Oops!

Paws the Jedi
Star Wars night is the best time to geek out and I love it! Let's go next year!!!

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