Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Peer Pressure

Tuesday night yoga is a good thing. I ran 3.0 on Saturday and felt great so I was ready for a little more of a challenge. I also knew peer pressure might help me in my quest to quit walking already! No one wants to be the walker, the one constantly asked "Are you ok?" or the one that people wonder "what's wrong with her???" 
Nothing to do with the story, but I like it :)

Problem: run further without walking
Solution: run with / near someone else

There were a few running options at yoga - a 3-miler or a 5-miler. I didn't want the 3 because that would be staying the same in my recovery, yet the 5 seemed too much. I decided to do the same route as last week, which is either 3.55 or 3.99, depending where you turn.

By the time I had decided, Carrie had already chosen the same route and set out. When I turned on the street, I realized I could see her!!!! If I could see her, theoretically I could catch and pass her. Slowly slowly I drew closer. It took 1.5 miles, but I passed her then never let her pass me.

So many times I wanted to walk, but in the first half, it would have made it that much harder to pass her. In the second half, it would have been easier to get passed and I didn't want to be the wimpy one who can't even run 3.5 without walking!

I finished in 34:13 but the big thing was no walking! Then we all did yoga and it was a good exercise night.

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  1. Way, to chase someone down and pass them, then hold them down. You rock.