Monday, June 18, 2012

A side cramp won't cramp my style!

Fridays are scheduled rest days. I've always done yoga because it's restful and more beneficial than doing nothing. Besides it feels as good as a massage. Who doesn't want that?

Last Friday I added in 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, just to sweat a little and burn 374 calories. Besides I had already done my work for the day. What else was there?

Towards the end I was pouring sweat, mopping it off with a towel, breathing a bit hard and counting down the minutes. With four minutes left, my left side started cramping. What the heck? Every single time I get a side stitch it's always the RIGHT side.

As with any side cramp, the cause is dehydration. My full water bottle was right next to me, but I ignored it and finished the 30 minutes without that last sip of water. It would have made me feel better, but there will be plenty of times this summer that I have to run with a limited amount of water and once it's gone, I'll still have more running to do. Or when I run Hell, once I pass a water station, I'll have to make it to the next one without constant access.

It wasn't super comfortable, but I got through it. Of course I did! Exercising through pain or giving in to pain was all in my head and my brain was stronger than my body! Marathoners need willpower of steel and the ability to say "Yes, I can run through the pain!"

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