Thursday, July 19, 2012

Absolute insanity!!!

In 2013, I won't have to do 2 marathons in 9 days because the Martian is April 13 and Toledo isn't until April 21. (Yes, for every reason and second that I hated the Martian, I'll do it again because it's close to home and will give me a goal and reason to stay in shape all winter) After looking up the dates, I spent a few weeks reveling in the idea of having two weeks to recover.

Then I had a fun thought....Lansing launched a new marathon in 2012...I wonder when it's April 21.

New plan for 2013: 3 marathons in 3 weeks :D I see this (or even the 2 in 9 days) as bigger and more significant athletically than the Goofy marathon and a half over 2 days.

Oh the insanity!!!! I can't wait!

At least this time I'll know the 2nd and 3rd races are on the calendar so I won't spend 5 days post-marathon eating Jets and ice cream.

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