Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The best decision I made all day

When I moved my Saturday run to Friday, it shifted my whole running schedule, but that's ok. Saturday was recovery from long run, Sunday became no exercise of any kind, then Monday rolled around. If I went back to the schedule, it was "No exercise Monday!" but it also meant 3 days without any exercise, which is a long time off when I feel fine and I'm training for a serious event.

I spent the entire day in the a/c, then after Jeopardy! stuck my head outside and it wasn't terrible. It was hot and humid, but I didn't know what the next day would hold. The weather was tolerable so I moved my Tuesday run to Monday and it was SUPER!!! I did 3.13 miles and every mile was faster than the previous ones. It didn't hurt terribly and didn't feel like that much work. It was one of the best runs I can remember. Definitely the highlight of my day!

Tuesday was stifling but in the evening it cooled off to 76 degrees. The humidity was 95% though. Yuck! Nevertheless I decided to do my Wednesday run on Tuesday night. 5.15 miles later I was drenched in sweat and needed to wring out my shirt. Ewwww. I used my hot weather strategy of run 9 minutes, walk 1. The last 0.6 miles I told myself I would finish under 6 minutes. I finished in 5:04. Yay! Both Monday and Tuesday I was under 10 minutes per mile average.

Wednesday was hot hot hot and miserable! Heat index of 105. I went to a parade and I was dripping sweat just sitting still. There's no way I was running in that! I can completely skip today though and be right back on schedule on Thursday. A major storm is coming through. I'll see how I feel after. Maybe add in a baby 3-miler. Maybe do nothing. Either way is ok.

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