Sunday, July 15, 2012

Devolution Thursday

Hal Higdon doesn't say anything about speed work or hills on Thursdays. His Thursdays are identical to the Tuesdays - a short run to build mileage and aerobic capacity. Doing speed / hills was my own upgrade, with the advice of Nita. It's always hard. I dread Thursdays because the mileage is small, but the challenge is great.

This past Thursday I didn't run all day. It was too hot! Finally after Jeopardy!, I realized I had to run then, or I never would. It was scheduled for a speed Thursday and I just wasn't excited about it. I skipped the speed work and devolved to what Hal recommended - an easy 3-miler. My route is actually 3.13, but whatever. Even with the straight mileage, it was miserable. I was dehydrated before I even started, but like the majority of runs, it got done. Most days logging the mileage is enough. Averaging under 10:00 per mile was a bonus.

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