Saturday, July 7, 2012

Losing my marbles

When I left yoga on Friday night, it didn't feel too warm. I drove home and the breeze was pretty cool. Granted it was a 45 mph breeze from driving with both windows open but it seemed better than it had been, so I decided to do my Saturday run on Friday night again. Last week I really like getting it over with and waking up on Saturday, enjoying the day without a long run hanging over my head. It was great enough that it was worth repeating the change.

Ate 2 eggs and an English muffin with peanut butter when I got home. After that I HAD to run to burn off those calories. Thankfully it was a shorter recovery long run of 6-miles, if that makes any sense. Every third week Hal has a shorter long run to rest. Build mileage for 2 weeks, lesser distance for one.

Within a half mile I wanted to stop. At mile 1, I wanted to turn around. At mile 2.5 I told myself running 5 miles would be close enough. It was one of the worst runs of my entire life, worse than running the Martian through the rain, worse than the 20 mile training run. The only one that comes close was running through Hell on Halloween in 2010 when I had bronchitis and had to keep stopping because I was light headed and woozy.

When I do a long run, I generally schedule my breaks - either run 9 minutes walk 1, or run 13 walk 2. For the first 4 minutes I planned the 9&1 idea, but very quickly realized I couldn't run 9 minutes in the humidity. It became "walk as needed." As a result,  my time was abysmal, but time doesn't matter when it's that hot and humid. Finishing matters, although I probably never should have started the run outdoros.

With the hot, dry weather, plenty of people water their lawns and many a time I stopped to dance in the sprinklers. Some people shut off the water when I was approaching so I wouldn't get wet. Very nice, very considerate of them, but the sprinklers were the highlight of the run!!!

Towards the end it seemed to cool off, but was it really cooler, or was I just suffering dehydration induced chills? Never before has stepping into the a/c felt that good.

If it's this hot next week, I'm running my 11 miles at the Y, all 110 laps of it...

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