Thursday, July 12, 2012

Passing a moving car :D

Week 4 is the week that separates the women from the girls. Hal Higdon increased the Wednesday mileage from 5 to 6 and the Saturday long run jumps from single digits to double, 11 to be exact. Wednesday was hot and dry, but by 7 pm, it wasn't super terrible. Ok it was still 81, but compared to earlier in the day and other days, it felt downright balmy. I filled my water bottles and I was off.

Just before mile 4 I saw a group of girls running together. They were high school age, evidently getting in some summer conditioning for their sport. Cross country? Who knows? They were ahead of me and I wasn't exactly trying to catch up, until I noticed a car driving alongside them, very slowly, with its 4-way blinkers on. I realized it must be the coach and he unknowingly became my pace car. I picked up the pace and drew closer, closer. It seemed every time I got really close, however, he sped up! Mile 4 was by far the fastest of my run because I was determined to pass the pace car! By the time I finally did, the girls were well behind me :D

I had wanted to break 1 hour for the run. My final time was 1:00:10. Boo!!! Granted it was 6.11 miles, but I still wanted to be under an hour! It was better than 2 minutes faster per mile than last Friday so that's pretty significant. Although the dreadful time from last week doesn't count due to the extreme heat and humidity. My Wednesday time was right about where it "should" have been.

Then when I got home I looked at my foot. Dirt? Sun? Gross.

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