Sunday, July 29, 2012

Run and done!

Hal said to do 9 miles on Saturday. Easy enough. Ok, not really. It's actually still a really difficult run, but compared to the past few weeks, it was less miserable. Most Saturdays I like to sleep in late, relax, have coffee, eat, etc. It generally takes me about 4 hours to go from waking up to actually running. I didn't have the luxury of time this week since I had a 2 pm funeral. I had to get dressed up and drive to the cemetery, which meant I had to be done running shortly after noon and I didn't wake up until almost 10....

Somehow it happened. Sweet! The thermometer I pass said 74 degrees. It seemed warmer in the sun, but in the shade, in the cloud cover it was nice. Between miles 6 and 7 I always pass a church and it was open. Hallelujah! Service was hours from starting, so I stepped inside and asked if I could use a faucet. Thank you! My water holster holds a measly 20 ounces, but I finished the run with water still sloshing around.

Some days just finishing the miles is accomplishment enough. Saturday's run wasn't anything special. It wasn't my fastest run ever. It also wasn't complete agony the whole time. I managed to stay under my race goal time, if only by 4 seconds per mile. By comparison last Saturday's killer 12-miler took me 50 minutes longer to finish an additional 3 miles. Yikes!


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  1. Funny isn't it how runs (or in my case jog) feel different each time. Sometimes they feel worse that you thought they would and other times better. I don't get it...