Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The deviant social experiment

Last weekend was ridiculously hot. Saturday I went sailing in Lake Erie and while I felt seasick, then exhausted after a "non-drowsy" pill, I could still say it was better than running 11 miles!!! Sunday I watched the Tigers and generally procrastinated the day away. By 5 pm, it was still super hot and I knew I still had the 11-miler hanging over my head. It was also about 90 degrees with a heat index closer to 100.

Grudgingly I dragged myself to the Y. 11 miles in the heat just wasn't happening. I knew the Y would be absolute boredom of the worst kind, but I'd be able to log my miles. 110 laps. It was sooooooo boring!!!!

The Y has a 3-lane track that alternates direction every day. Despite my love for counterclockwise running outside, it has to be clockwise in the Y. There is a big glass wall that separates the gym part from the pool part and it functions like a mirror. I definitely absolutely 100% do not like watching myself run. Watching myself run 110 times was worse than the prospect of counting 110 laps of utter boredom.

Sundays at the Y are always really empty and when I started, I was the only person on the track. So what if the directional arrow said counterclockwise? I was going the way I wanted!!! Two miles in, a guy told me we were going the other way today. It was rude, but I responded that I was running for 2 hours and would outlast anyone going the correct way. That's exactly what happened. We were the only two people on the track, so he stayed in the outside lane, I used the inside and it was fine.

Two separate people came onto the track at different times, started going counterclockwise, saw me going clockwise, then went back to the direction sign, doubled checked it, then went my wrong way!!!

When I finished my miles and began a bike cool-down, a guy started walking the track going my way!!!!! Hilarious :) Without a word I convinced an entire gym to go my direction, despite what the sign said (and they take the directions pretty seriously!!!)

Next time I'm going to stand backwards in an elevator and see what happens :D

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