Friday, July 27, 2012

The good ending

Tuesday evening it was really cool and comfortable, so when faced with running 6 miles on Wednesday, it made sense to wait for the cool weather. The problem was that it never happened!!! When I headed out on Wednesday night it was after 7 pm and still in the upper 80s and really humid. Gross!

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The run was tedious. It felt like every mile took forever, at least until I turned on to Rosedale, which is my favorite street for running. It's a wide street, it's flat, and I can see the stop light at the end so it's obvious where and when I'll be done.

I had a few mini speed bursts on Rosedale, but the last 0.6 miles was the best of all. I was exhausted. I could wring out the sweat from my shirt, my water was gone, but I felt strangely energized. It was no longer a slow jog, but an actual run. My arms were pumping hard, I was breathing hard, my legs were moving quickly and turning over quickly. I felt like a real runner!

Final time: 1:04:04. I wanted to finish under an hour, but I can't be too disappointed. I stayed under my race pace and it was 86 degrees!!! Sheesh! I get some leeway in that temperature! :)

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