Monday, August 6, 2012

Bad Timing

Last weekend was bad timing all around. Yoga started at 6 on Friday and I was especially looking forward to it, to stretching and decompressing my joints after a week of work and running. Traffic was bad. It always is because every single route going south is under construction. I drove like mad and got there at 6:04. The teacher had "just" left. What???? She never starts before 6:10. I was soooooo bummed. At home yoga just isn't the same :( Grumble grumble complain.

Jump to Saturday. The forecast was for a furnace, mid 90s and humid. My only option was to wake up at 4 am, but that just wasn't happening so I resigned myself to inside running. Stepped outside at 10:30 to get the mail and it wasn't excessively hot. It was getting there, but I could have easily run at 8 and been comfortable outside. Booooo!!!

So I went to the Y. I ran. It sucked. The plan was 140 laps. I actually had thoughts like "less than 100 laps to go!" and "only 80 more laps!" then "40 more! Easy!" Then my iPod died at mile 11.6. Aaaaarrrrgh!!!! I actually kept going. I was pleasantly surprised at the quietness of both my feet and my breathing. Without the music though, there was nothing to dampen the screaming kids playing basketball below. Add in that every single piece of clothing I was wearing was soaked and needed to be wrung out. Both my hips hurt, both my heels hurt, my right arch hurt. I hit lap 125 and said "to hell with it." Enough was enough!

The forecast was sweltering all night as well - the reality was cooler with less humidity. Wth? I could have waited and run at 6 or 6:30 and been fine. Frustration!

That's not even the worst part. I drank roughly 60 ounces before running, drank 64 during the run and at least another 64 after the run, yet I was super dehydrated all night. I'm blaming work for this one. The school isn't air conditioned, and while we have portable a/c units, they don't do a whole lot. I drink 64 ounces of water every day before I leave work at 4 pm, and I'm constantly parched. The delicate skin around my mouth has gotten dry and flaky. It's like a cold dry winter on my skin. Add in a 2:21:15 run and I couldn't get enough water. At 11 pm, I pondered going to urgent care for an iv of fluids it was that bad.

I went to bed instead.

Woke up Sunday morning and thought "Gosh, I should run again today!" At first I thought my new and improved 7-mile loop was the way to go. The forecast claimed to be in the low 80s with low humidity. Pfft yeah right. Stepped outside and changed it to a 5-miler. Once I actually started running, 3.13 was quite good enough thankyouverymuch. Hal didn't even say to run, he said to cross train on Sunday. I figured a few extra miles wouldn't hurt me and they didn't. Just so thirsty!!!! I normally avoid added salt and sodium, but I feel like I should throw that idea right out the window and use it so I deliberately retain water! Who cares if I gain a pound or two in water weight? It has to beat feeling like I just crossed the Sahara in July.

I saw this on PostSecret. Me too!!!!

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