Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In 2 months it'll all be over

It's August 22, which means in exactly two months, the Free Press marathon will be over. For the Martian I did a 26-week training program, for this one I'm doing an 18-week program and it still can't end soon enough! Running is all mental, but my body is really fighting me this summer. Every run is painful, even the baby 4-milers. There is no enjoyment in it, just slugging through the miles until I'm done.

Hal says to run 4 miles tomorrow. My legs are fatigued and I'm looking at a 17-mile Saturday. Despite the cooler fall weather we've had all August, the Saturday forecast is 87. Yuck :( So tomorrow is getting changed to cross training. I'll bike for 30-60 minutes, work my heart and lungs, but give my legs and my joints a break.

Training is really miserable this go-round :( Maybe I'll condense the spring 2013 training to a 10 or 12 week program. October 22 sounds really good right now - a personal day off work to rest, Jets pizza, sleep, really easy bike ride. I definitely EARN those Mondays off :)

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