Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The negative split

I don't like Tuesday runs. They're the shortest distance of the week, but generally the hardest, both mentally and physically. Mentally it's hard to get back in the running groove, physically my legs are still fatigued from Saturday's long run. When it's done though, my body is ready to really run again.

Tuesday was another hot, humid day. After work I had several errands I really didn't want to do. Laid down for a few minutes after, then as it passed 7 pm, my self-guilt started talking and said I had to get running. Grudgingly I turned off the Tigers game and set out. It was 87 degrees. Ugh.

Most days my only goal is to finish. If I can stay under 10:00 average pace, it's an added bonus. Within the first half mile on Tuesday, while I was thinking how miserable it was, how much I wanted to quit, I threw in a new challenge for myself - a negative split, where the run is divided into two equal parts, with the goal of running the second half faster than the first.

As I went through the miles, I considered the likely outcomes of my goal. I figured I would miss it by a huge margin, or miss it by a few seconds. If I accomplished the negative split, it would be by two or three seconds.

The first half time was 20:05, which was pretty good at a 10:02 average. I kept going through the second half and didn't look at my stopwatch until I paused it to wait for the street light so I could cross. I was at 33:30, so I had 6:30ish to finish the negative split. I've previously done the last section in 5:04 so I knew I could do it.

The second half time was 18:40. Sweet! I hit the negative split with a 1:45 margin. It would have been so easy to skip the workout, but I'm so glad I threw in the challenge and accomplished it :)

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