Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Solid Run

Tuesday was in the 60s and CLOUDY. Not exactly great running conditions, but I knew waiting and procrastinating would only make it worse. After work I fueled up with a sugar cookie and iced coffee and forced myself to go.

The 5 miles were entirely ok. I ran faster than usual today, which is always a nice surprise. The best surprise I didn't realize until I had been home for a few hours - my hip didn't hurt! It didn't hurt before the run, during the run, or after. Sweet :)

I finished in 46:40, which represented a 9:25 pace, which is way ahead of my race pace. I generally slow down the further I go in my run, but today I completed the last 0.8 mile at an 8:11 pace. Garmin connect had my best pace at 6:51. Granted it might have been for only a few seconds, but that's ok.

5 miles doesn't seem difficult at all these days. Great :)

Running tip #3 (Specific to the Detroit Free Press): Buy a paper copy of the Free Press on the Friday beforehand when there will be a separate section previewing the race, and on the Monday after, when there will be several pages recapping the event. Instant scrapbook :)

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