Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bidding adieu to the Y

I like the Southgate YMCA. I figured out the times when it's not busy, I worked out which exact treadmill, bike and elliptical I like. I know who the people are, I know where the stuff is located. I like the comfort and familiarity of it all.

Yet my night job canceled one of my classes. I was already living check to check, so to do it with even less money sucks royally. At the very least, it's 16 weeks with less pay before it could possibly change next semester. There are very few expenses that can be eliminated, and unless I become anorexic, something else had to go. (I can't be anorexic - I like the taste of food too much and I need food for energy and for strength to run, which is my mainstay for mental health :) The Y is the only thing I'm willing to live without at this point. Granted I could live without electricity, but I REALLY don't want to. Likewise internet access isn't an essential, but I like the convenience and I need it to do my side job. Heck I need internet at home to do my normal daily job.

I learned about the reduction in hours on Wednesday evening. Thursday at lunch I went to cancel my membership. It was only $25 a month, but I can eat for two weeks on that money. Besides, the past year I've done 95% of my workouts outside. For the 3 or 4 times a month I use the gym, I can go somewhere cheaper. Mom gave me a flyer for a $10 a month gym. I bet I can find even cheaper :)

I really like that the Y has a track, but I used it 6 times since last October. I can't pay $300 a year to use it 6 times, not when the other stuff (weights, bike, elliptical) can be found elsewhere for much less. Besides I learned that I actually can wake up at 6 or 7 am to run on Saturday, which would take care of the 4 times I ran inside due to heat. Not to mention I used the pool maybe 4 times in as many years. I never used the open gym, never took any classes. For the little I actually used, I was overpaying, even at the reduced resident rate.

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