Friday, September 28, 2012

Great advice

I'm one of the few people still living in the Dark Ages who hasn't joined facebook. My one exception is the Free Press marathon site, which I can view without signing up.

The question posted today was "What advice do you have for first timers?"

Here are a few of the great responses:

"Keep moving forward; becoming a marathoner starts with that first step to a label you will keep with you for the rest of your life."

"Enjoy every moment, you've trained hard and you got this!"

"...When you feel weak and want to quit, find a hand to high five, it's amazing how much power you can get from a high five! And finally, remember YOU are doing something that every person standing on the sidelines isn't doing!!! Find strength in that!!!! You can do it and you are amazing!!!!! Enjoy!!"

"If you can feel PAIN, you're still alive!"

"Most importantly, you are doing something that most people will never attempt. YOU are wonderful and strong. YOU have put in all the training. This is the party so, enjoy it and listen to your body. Mind over matter is a powerful thing, but don't let enthusiasm take over your abililty. The race day happiness will give you what you need when you need it. Godspeed."

"Read the encouraging signs and listen to the encouraging words said by spectators. They are meant for you no matter what name is on them."

My favorite comment is still the one I read from mike2036 in 2010: "When I ran the Chicago Marathon last Sunday and was limping my way to the finish line, a woman was holding a sign that said, 'There will be a day when you cannot do this. And today is not that day!' That inspired me to finish. You'll find your inspiration, and you'll make it."

Have I mentioned how incredibly excited I am for this race?

The Freep's facebook also posted a video of some of the on-course entertainment in 2011. The video is good, but doesn't come close to showing the excitement and exhilaration on the course. I'm trying to figure out how to post it here, but for now, here's a link. Enjoy!

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