Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New shoes

Tuesday I realized how incredibly comfortable my Mizunos have become. They're as soft and bendable as house slippers, but they're also falling apart and won't last through the rest of training and the marathon.

I didn't realize how dirty and grungy they were until compared to a new pair
Sadly I opened a box of new shoes and started breaking them in today. I don't know for what exact purpose I started the new shoes. It's either so I can wear the new ones for the race, or it's to extend the life of the old ones long enough to wear those in the race. For some reason I have this idea that every pair of shoes should be worn in a marathon. Even though the old ones have 450 (ish) miles on them, I haven't worn them for a marathon.

The soles are completely shot :(

Now I only have 5 pairs remaining in the basement and it's causing me some anxiety. What am I going to do when they're all gone?! I really don't want to find a new shoe! Amazon still has two pairs of size 11 for sale, but I can't pay $74.99 per pair, not when I found them for $49 each.

Wednesday's run was GREAT!! I did the same route as Tuesday. I was really happy with my 9:24 average on Tuesday. I had assumed I would be slower the second day, but Wednesday I hit 9:17 average pace. Awesome!

Race tip #4: Get a massage the day before the race. It'll loosen all the muscles and joints so you can run pain free.

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