Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peaking at all the right time

The marathon is 3 weeks away. I have one more long run, then two shorter taper weeks and it's race day! In a wonderful, unexpected surprise, I feel READY!!! My running has never ever felt this good, I've never felt this strong, this READY to attack the run and destroy 4:33 :D

Hal says to run 20 miles this week. When I was training for the Martian, I dreaded the 20-miler, I thought it would never end. A few months later, it's Thursday night and I'm chomping at the bit to go run it! I'm seriously considering running it on Friday afternoon, just because I can. I don't want to delay until Saturday what my brain and legs are itching to do NOW.

Having run 20 two weeks ago - instead of Hal's prescribed 19 - gave me tons of confidence. Of course I can run another 20! If the weather is good, I'll make it 21 or 22. I tell all my runner friends and non-runner friends alike that anything past 4 or 5 miles is all mental, and for the first time I feel like my brain and spirit have been doing jumping jacks, gearing up to support my body in this awesome journey.

Something I consciously realized last night that could be a HUGE factor in how great the running has been going - my class was cancelled two solid weeks ago. Since then I have eaten ZERO fast food. I haven't had KFC Monday, no more Pizza Hut lunch buffet, and the worst of all? No more Chicken Shack. So my big it coincidental or causal? Did my running just happen to peak at the same time I banished fast food? Or did the lack of fast food CAUSE me to feel stronger, to run further and faster with less pain? If it's the latter, I never need fast food again! (Which is not to say I've been eating ultra healthy these two weeks, but the sodium and fat intake, the amount of processed food, the chemicals have definitely all been down)

Just for fun I looked up marathons for this weekend, but the nearest is in Akron, Ohio and it's sold out. Bummer :(

Running tip #5 (pertains to all races, but specifically the Detroit Free Press): If finishing time is of no importance, take a camera. I really wish I would have had one in 2010, in particular to take photos of (1) Me at the starting line, about to undertake the most painful, the most audacious thing I could do, (2) the thousands of runners in a spiral going up the Ambassador Bridge, and (3) the sunrise from on top the Bridge. It's a great race! I'm soooooooo excited!!!!!

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