Sunday, September 30, 2012

Run ended at 4:33, tapering started at 4:34

Saturday was my last long run and it was a doozy. Two weeks ago I had the best run of my entire life and felt GREAT through 20.11 miles. I was EXCITED to test myself with another massively long monster run.

Sadly it had none of that magic. Sure, I got through it - 21.64 miles, but I was all too aware of the heat, the pain, the agony. It was a beautiful sunny fall day, but too hot to be running for almost 4 hours. I could have woken up early and avoided the heat of the day, but I really like sleeping in late. I didn't start until almost noon, with the goal of finishing before the Tigers started at 4.

My final time was 3:54, or a 10:50 average pace. Slower than race pace, but Hal Higdon says:
For experienced marathoners, I recommend that runners do their long runs anywhere from 30 to 90 seconds or more per mile slower than their marathon pace... 
It's better to run too slow during these long runs, than too fast. The important point is that you cover the prescribed distance; how fast you cover it doesn't matter.
I uploaded my gps run data then analyzed the information it provided, and did my own extrapolating. If I averaged 15 minutes per mile for 4.56 more miles, I would break 5 hours. My slowest mile was 12:41, so I see no reason why it would balloon to 15, although I know to add in several minutes to bottleneck at the bridge.

Both of my monster runs were done by myself, responsible for my own water, and I averaged 10:50 for each. I see no reason whatsoever why I'll be over 5 hours at the race. I just have to make sure I don't over-hydrate and spend time waiting for / using the toilet.

Here's a funny story about the run yesterday. I passed Allen Park High School, which had had its Homecoming parade the night before. I passed two pieces of candy that no one picked up. Can you see where this story is going...? I stopped, picked up the candy and ATE IT!!! lol lol Whatever. They were wrapped, so no worse than picking up during the parade and eating the next day. I was desperate for those 30 calories!

I wore my old shoes and there's no way they'll hold up for the race. Good thing I have time to wear the new pair before the race.

So now I'm tapering. It's always kind of sad to know I can run crazy distances, but I'm forcing myself to not do it. I know the logic behind it - rest my body, give it time to recover and get ready for the race in peak condition, but I always feel like I'm losing ability when I taper. Yes, I'll still be running 4 times a week, but 3-4 miles isn't much at all. Lol I'm such a running snob!


Running tip #6 - Use Vaseline on your skin to prevent chafing, wherever needed. It washes off clothing and doesn't feel nearly as gross as you'd imagine.

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