Monday, September 24, 2012

Setting the Pace

After the Martian marathon, I received an email from a guy named Sean who had run the 5K that morning and was planning to do another 5K the following week at Toledo. His real goal, though, was the Free Press half marathon. Thus began hundreds of emails about running, training, building mileage, food, water, Hal Higdon, music, hills, intervals, recovery time, cross training, tapering, etc. I tried to share my "tips" and "wisdom," about running which many times meant doing the opposite of what I had done, especially all the mistakes I made at the 2010 Free Press.

We meet in Hell and passed each other on the route a few times, then decided to run together again last Saturday. It was 55 and drizzling for 90% of the run, but that just couldn't be a factor. We stayed together for the first 3 miles. I've never paced or cheerlead another runner and I really enjoyed it! Every few minutes I glanced at the gps on my wrist and updated the distance and the total time, mentioned the pace, reminded him to drink water. I'm pretty bossy and it worked here! :)

After three miles he told me to run ahead and I grudgingly did so, then because it was an out and back route, I knew we'd meet up at some point and finish the run together. Running with someone was great! Being someone's cheerleader was even better. I see why Nita likes it so much :)

One of these days *ahem* April 2013 *cough* I'll get him to do a full marathon with me :)

On a related note, the Free Press published images of the race bibs. I'm soooooooo excited for the race!!!!!!! :D I'm completely blocking out how painful it will be, just thinking about running with 20,000 other runners, passing by thousands of spectators. Thank you Detroit! I love you all!

I'm blue this year!!!!

Running tip #2: Don't eat ANYTHING on race day that you haven't previously tried on a long run. Don't wear anything essential (bra, shorts, socks, shoes) that you haven't worn on a long run. (Sweatshirt and hat are exempt from this rule because they won't last more than a few miles :)

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