Monday, September 10, 2012

The easy-peasy run

Hal said to run 13 miles this week. It was an "easy" Saturday. I really wanted to go back to Hell to run the Hippie half marathon at the Woodstock fest. The finances being what they are, however, there was no way I could justify a $50 entry fee just because I wanted to run it. Woodstock was never a big priority, it's certainly not on the bucket list, so I had to just say no :(

Something great about Saturday was that the weather was really cool. Long gone were the Saturdays of waking up at 6 am to run before the heat kicks in. I could stay up late on Friday, sleep in late on Saturday, eat whatever I wanted for breakfast, including coffee, then lounge around until I felt ready to run. 

I finally reached that point around 2:30 and appreciated all over again waking up early to run. Yes, it's super early and therefore miserable, yet it's REALLY nice to have the run done and out of the way.

Running felt easy, the joints felt good, everything was great. I normally run through a particular subdivision half way (or less!) through my monster runs, but this time, I went through the sub, then came home and I was done! The time went really fast, the miles passed quickly. There wasn't any massive agony or wall-crashing. I'm thinking half marathons will become my race of choice :)

When I was done, sure I was hungry, but not ravenous. I was a little tired, but not so bad that I spent the entire day / night laying down. It was really really easy, even though saying so makes me sound like a total running snob :P

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