Monday, September 3, 2012

Toledo called....

I received an email first thing this morning from the Toledo marathon organizers. Registration for the 2013 race opened this morning! I don't feel the need to register within an hour like I did with the Free Press, but I'll do so by the end of the year to save $$.

I dreamed on Friday night that a newbie runner was doing the spring trifecta of Martian, Lansing and Toledo, running 2 halfs and 1 full, and which did I recommend as the full? Definitely Toledo!!!! The primary reason is that it's the last one, so a first-timer would have unlimited recovery time without worrying about future races. Other reasons Toledo rules?

1. The full and half racers start together and stay together almost 9 miles.

2. The course is FLAT!!! There was ONE big hill.

3. It's (relatively) CHEAP!!

4. Thousands of people came out to watch and cheer.

5. Santa Claus kept popping up in weird places.

6. Post-race beer (for those who finish before it runs out)

7. Post-race massage

8. A glass beer mug for half and full finishers. Never mind that it's too small for a pint.

9. Pacing teams!

10. A few months later, they send a scrapbook with all the finishers' times and numerous pictures from the morning.

See you at the finish line!

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