Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2 miles all week

Hal Higdon even has a plan for the weeks after the marathon. Here's what he says runners should do the first week:

Get all that? haha In other words, NOTHING! No exercise on Monday, no running on Tuesday (massage if it's in the budget - it's not), no running on Wednesday, no cross training either. Thursday is ok for a 2-mile jog, Saturday is the same. Sunday 6-8 miles at the most, depending on how I feel.

I deviated a little because I've learned that forcing my body to move feels better than not doing anything. Monday I put on my Vibrams and shuffled through a very slow mile. I think it was somewhere in the 25-minute area, but I wasn't timing it. Walking flat felt ok, but inclines and stairs were difficult, especially going down. Tuesday I went for another single mile walk slow slow slow.

Wednesday my quads are a little sore, but the rest of my body feels great. Well except for my head and chest which are suffering from the cold. It's getting worse not better :( Weather is great today - sunny and low 70s, but I don't need to rush into running or anything strenuous especially when I'm woozy.

Tentatively Saturday will be my back-to-running today, with a nice 2-3 mile jog. We'll see. It would feel weird for Saturday to pass without running.

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