Tuesday, October 16, 2012

$6.87 well spent

My Monday agenda included going to the Salvation Army for warm clothing to wear at the start of the race. Here is the best they had (for what I was willing to pay):

Yes, the fleece jacket is from the men's department. They always have longer sleeves than do women's shirts. Hat and gloves are cute! Why do I always buy cute stuff for races, knowing full well I'll discard it? Well except for Toledo when my vest came home with me... Gloves rarely make it past the first mile though, so it didn't matter one bit that my gloves for the Martian had a hole in the top layer. These pretty blue ones are sooooo soft. I should keep them and wear a pair I have at home and never wear.

The shirt is Vardar. Maybe it's Yardar? Who knows? It's big and warm and has pockets for my tissues. What else do I need?

Tuesday's weather was 56 and sunny - absolutely perfect!!!!!! Hal said only 3 miles though. I made the best of it - averaged just over 9-minute miles with no walking whatsoever. You're killing me here, Hal! Legs and mind wanted to keep going indefinitely!

Running tip (courtesy of my brother): If running an international leg, photocopy your passport, seal it in a ziploc baggie and carry it on the race, just in case. In 2010 mine was taped to the back of my race number, which seems as good a place as any.

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  1. I rule.

    Wouldn't hurt to include your driver's license and insurance card on that photo copy.