Saturday, October 20, 2012

Getting ready

I'm not a fan of pre-race expos. I wish all races would mail the numbers and shirts. The numbers are always at the BACK of the booth arranged in a serpentine pattern and I just want to get in and out!!! Sheesh! I understand I need to show my passport for the international crossing, but can't we have an option for "express pick up" in the lobby???

Anyway, picked up my shirt. Bought a pint glass. I saw them online in 2010 and it was $10 for the glass, but $9 for shipping? No thanks! Took a picture of the signs outside.

This was all after I made it to the expo. I grew up in the Detroit area, I've been to / seen Cobo Hall many many times, yet I couldn't find it!!!! I drove around and around, at one point I knew I was driving under the building, but I couldn't find it! Then I finally did, but the only parking structure I could see was full. Such frustration! I wound up parking a half mile away and walking in the cold wearing heels. I'm glad it's over!

Here is the pre-race arrangement ====> Same outfit I wore in Hell, except for the socks.

Still working on this darn cold. Picked up some oil of oregano, which I've heard many people rave about. Consumed major amounts of vitamins c and d, ate honey by the tablespoon. I plan to be in bed by 8 pm. This is the absolute worst day of the entire year to get sick >:(

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